Letter to Valerie Harper

 April 27, 2013

Dear Ms. Harper,

Like  so very many others, especially those of us who fell in love with Rhoda Morgenstern when she first graced the living rooms of America during  the 1970s, I was deeply saddened by the news of your health challenge.

Having been a student of A Course in Miracles for nearly three decades, one might justifiably accuse me of being  overly optimistic. But having seen several of your recent television  appearances (in which you discussed your diagnosis), I can’t help but  think that this very rare form of cancer picked on the wrong person.  Surely it is no match for the enormity of your courage, the caliber of  your character, or the resilience of your spirit.

And  if there is a God – or at the very least, a benevolent intelligence  that moves in and through every one of us, I can’t fathom for a moment  that He/She/It would call you to another realm anytime soon, knowing how  devastated this world would be without you in it. On the surface,  that’s a rather audacious statement. In your humility, I recently heard  you say, “I’m just a television actress.” Maybe it was the word “just”  that made me flinch a tiny bit, as so many of America’s greatest women –  past and present – have been or are television actors. But you are so  much more than even that. Think for a moment, Ms. Harper, of the  countless persons to whom you have brought joy of immeasurable value  over the course of the last four decades.

So  yes indeed, you are Valerie Harper, Television Actress. But you are  also Valerie Harper, Healer. May you continue to heal the hearts, minds  and souls of many for many, many years to come.

With gratitude and respect,
Ed Franco

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