“I greatly enjoyed your book. You are an eloquent writer, and your humility and wisdom shine through. I like your personal examples and references to A Course in Miracles. I know that many people can benefit from your writing. Big ideas underscored by big heart!”

―Alan Cohen, author of 24 inspirational books and host of Get Real on Hay House Radio

“This is a wonderful book that I have returned to several times for both inspiration and guidance. It is clearly written without heavy clinical jargon. The author presents his material clearly, and by using personal examples from his own life, made it very enjoyable and inspiring as well. His fervor and belief in the positive side of the aging issue is very comforting and reassuring. I most sincerely recommend this book to anyone who doubts the idea that there are countless positive experiences waiting in one’s senior years.”

—James M. Fox, retired teacher and principal

“Thank you, Edward Franco! Brave, wonderful, genius book. I recommend this book to those who dare to think outside the box and want the ultimate dream. I know I do!”

—Nora Miller, Amazon review

“I have to honestly say, this was one of the most important and life changing books that I have read this year. It is awesome.”

—Malinda Zarate, founder and host of Emboldened Heart teleseminar series

“One of the best books I’ve ever read. I believe the down-to-earth style of writing will appeal to everyone. Wonderful, practical information. This book should be a manual for everyone who desires unlimited longevity, and a great book to share with those they care about that they want around for a long time! All I have to say to the author is ‘Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!’ ”

—Lynn Peterson, Amazon review

“This is a very thoughtful and inspiring book. I found it insightful in many aspects. I have highly recommended it to many of my friends.”

—Michael Clark, Amazon review

“I picked up Life Unlimited with skepticism, I must admit. The idea of choosing to live life in an ‘open-ended’ fashion, without the usual concept of it being finite, was, to say the least, a challenge to this rational and somewhat cynical reader. But whether one embraces that concept in a literal way, or merely uses the ideas in the book to live life more fully and with less real and conceptual boundaries, is the book’s real strength. The author has offered his views and suggestions to a better life in an extremely clear, logical and well-written fashion, eschewing any preconceived idea one might have that it be beyond the “average” person’s capabilities. I think this book could potentially change a lot of people's lives. And who knows? Start a new movement of true believers in immortality. In any case, I highly recommend it.”

—Eugene Brell, Amazon review

“Mr. Franco creates an exceptional insight on re-examining our lives. Every chapter was so thought provoking, that I had to read some of them twice! In his unique way, it felt like he was talking to me over a cup of coffee. No matter how you feel about your life, read this book and it will transform many of your beliefs. It will not only encourage greatness in yourself, but revisit many questions you may have had on aging. A wonderful source of inspiration. Keep this book by your beside!”

—Maria C. Mowatt, Amazon review

“Ed tells us how to go beyond our own beliefs about ourselves, beyond our history, and beyond our wildest imagination! He shares how to live the unprecedented life, and on up to the greatest expression of life: becoming an immortal. Are you ready? You can start here.”

—Sondra Ray, author of 19 bestselling books and mother of the rebirthing movement